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Wild week past; another coming up!



I accepted the offer to be a part of the reset team for two weeks. I'll never learn. I recently made arrangements to transfer to a different, physically easier division. The money may not be as great but it will not be necessary to get up at 4 am, I am not a morning person and the clanging of the alarm when it's still dark is not my thing. Because I am a very heavy sleeper, I have to put clock where I can't reach it to turn it off and go back to sleep. This is hard because I should not quickly jump out of bed because of the meds I take.I then sit quietly for 1/2 to 3/4 hour and then after taking the dog out, leave and drive 1-1/2 hours and be at the store to start at 7am. Not only is it still dark but the fog at that time has been awful.


I was given a section of the cereal aisle to reset. I'm 5'2" and the top shelp is too high for me. We use plastic milk crates to stand on, however I realized that instead of using a piece of wood to knock those in the back of the top shelf down, it would be easier if I was closer - which meant going higher. So, I "made" steps, a single and then a double. The sad part was that it is easier to have the double boxes on the right but because it is my affected leg side, I had to work in reverse.


The laugh for me came when the reset supervisor came by and told me to be careful because he didn't want to do CPR. Little does he know........I had to be sure not to laugh out loud!. Guess he thinks I just walk funny because I have arthritis. LOL! Next week another week of "fun" but closer, less driving and I get to sleep an hour longer.


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Hi Phil


Sounds like you are having a tough time to keep your sub (see my blog) close to the surface.


I hope that the change works out for you. (sleep is good)


I know about the arthritus thingy cus I was recently asked if that was why I walked funny. LOL


Boy you are not getting any cold air from this part of Canada. (at least right now) The temp is still 48F so we must be pulling some of that warm Florida air up here.


I talked to Asha to day in NJ and she said that it was 70F there. (not very good snow skiing weather) LOL


Smiles :)



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Gary, it was so nice to see your visit. I do want to thank all the Canadians here for the beautiful weather. Make a deal.............you can have some of Florida's warm air pumped up to you IF you promise to mix it with your cold and not send any of the cold here. Deal?


Visited Harmony Lane a few times but you were not home. Yes, I did help myself to a Pepsi; thank you very much.


Guess Ibetter hustle on. I have to finish Danielle Steels latest so I can start the book from the book club here that I picked up from the library and then get some sleep. I get ti sleep a whole hour more and my drive time will also be cut in half,

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Hi Phil


Sounds like a good deal to me.


More sleep, less driving more reading sounds like you are on the right path.


Thanks for dropping in on Harmony Lane I have been trying to be more regular with the blogs.


Also check out my other bolgs as well (see my answer to Asha on my blog here at Strokenet)


Smiles :)



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