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return from planet cheer

cheer mama


Hi everyone!

We returned from New Orleans late last night . It was a long grueling ride for me ,6+ hours each way in a small car, but I survived and I wouldn't have missed the competition for anything. I love to watch my daughter and her team cheer. They didn't win but the got what they went for. They wanted to win a bid (invitation) to the cheerleading"worlds" competition. You might have seen this on ESPN its held at Disneyworld each year. so "We're going to Disneyworld!"( Well maybe, we did't get a paid bid so we have to raise at least $25,000 and that's just for the team and coaches, not parents or family.)

We survived the usual travel/ caretaker issues without any major incidents, just the SOS. I'm still tired, so I will wrap it up for today. Have a great day everyone.


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hey Marden:


congratulations, I always marvel parents doing so much, I just get scared to even put our kido in travelling soccer, though I think he is still improving, so any competative sport is out of question, we want to let him have fun, but I bet Disneyworls will be lot of fun, though t the same time it means lot of practices for your daughter, and parents to drive them around.


Go Texas




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