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Its been a long 4 months



Well it has been a long time since I posted but that is not to say I haven't been thinking of you all , my computer finally died & I was without it for a long time then of course Christmas came & all the kids & Grandkids!! peace finally reigned last Wednesday but we have had to catch up with everything & of course we are still doing the Community Radio show once a week & the markets!!

Baz is doing really well, & is still making great Progress (not quick enough for him mind you ) We know that things will never be what they were, but I think it is quite an adventure discovering a new way to live your lives & makes you much more tolerant of people.

I am looking forward to catching up on all your posts & seeing how you are all doing!!

We have been lucky with no bushfires near us but Victoria hasn't fared as well fingers crossed they stay well away from us.

Wev are going to Sydney in 3 weeks to see Eric Clapton. the present the kids gave Baz for his 60th Birthday , I think he is looking forward to going but doesn't like to leave the comfort of home!!

I hope it will be ok!

Talk to you all again soon. Anne & Baz.

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Anne, as you know Ray and I only recently joined the stroke group, prior to that we were doing something else on the first Saturday of the month. I wish we had joined it earlier though as I can see real benefit for Ray in being with other male stroke survivors. Maybe Baz could mention the possibility of support groups on his radio show?


Your nearest large hospital should be able to give you a list of support services and even if they were at some distance, like Canberra or the coast, it might be worth going once a month to meetings to share your experiences and learn from others. Might be worth asking at your local doctors too as most doctors treat ten or so stoke survivors among their other patients.


I was in the Snowies one year end of November and it snowed! Really weird weather for this time of the year, for sure.


Good to see you blogging again.


Sue. :chat:

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