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Most Peaceful




Funny how your parents become your children....................

My father lays here sleep and looks so very peaceful, it's almost a shame to wake him up to get this day started, as I know he will be unhappy.

The stress of the mental part of being a caregiver is far more hard than any of the physical stuff.



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Welcome to the blog community. It's a good place to work out your emotions as a caregiver and caring daughter in the process of accepting the role reversals that come. I went through this with dad, too. You'll get through this even though some days you might not think so. It's why my signature mantra is 'caregiving is not for sissies.' I used to repeat that to myself a lot.



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Thanks for your blog. It makes me think that sometimes I look at Bill when he is sleeping and just can't believe the needs he has when he is awake. Everything looks so "normal" when he's asleep. Yes, it is hard sometimes to wake him in the morning to begin the routine all over again. Not even because he is depressed - sometimes it's because I just don't want to FACE the fact that things are different now. When our loved one is asleep it's easier to imagine when they awaken everything will be as it was before the strokes.


I'm glad there is a place we can come and safely share our thoughts. The longer you stay around the more you will appreciate it, too! Welcome to our world.



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