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day in a life



o.k. seemed to have figued out this blog deal cloud9.gif fun!! just did a light scubdown of the place(home sweet home),it's snowing today so i'll stay in no reason to leave the house,took out the trash,HORRAY! for garbage shoots! lol_2.gif got most of evry thing i needed to get done bills<check> rent<check> quit my local y stash money aside,just need to go food shoping for the human,cat has plenty of food lol_2.gif maybe friday??sapose to clear up a little crossed the street yesterday with out my leg brace(big milestone!!)and didn't come close to being hit by a car or truck have to do that more when i rejoin my old y better equpiment& real staff,not just a bunch of long eared high shcool kids,i always thought a blog was something in the bottom of a moat?? lol_2.gif


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