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1st blog!!



Well this is my first blog and I'm unsure what to right :im stupid: anyway....lets start.

This past week I have been on spring break. I went swimming and went to a sleepover. But at times I feel bad about leaving my mom, especially on sleepovers. I mean what if she needs me and I'm not there. It's hard having life like this, but thanks to you all you have made it easier. She used to talk about suicide and it scared me because I would beg her not to, and she would say I'll tell you before I do it. Thanks for helping.



So whats going on in life....hmmm...well cheer is over, that sucks. I actually liked it even the evil coaches :big_grin: Orchestra is orchestra, we do the same stuff everyday. But what I'm really excited for is the talent show. I've auditioned every year since I was 7 and I have never made it :( But this year will be different. Well I got to go to bed, school tomorrow. The joy!




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Glad your mom is doing better. There is life after stroke. sometimes it just takes awhile to realize that. It may be different but still bery fulfilling.


Sorry cheer is over. Hope all goes well for the talent show.

I am sure your mom is happy when you get together with your friedns, and knows how to get ahold of you in an emergency. She wants you to lead a normal teenage life too.


Happy Blogging.....:)


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Congratulations! You did well for your first blog. I guess I'm too old to know what cheer is but I'm sorry that it's over. Just the name makes it sound like something you would want to have last a bit longer. Good luck with the talent show. I'm sure you will do well this year. You know your mom has gone through a lot of changes with her stroke and depression is one of them. It all takes time to adjust and I'm sure that she will come to see that there is a whole new life out there for her. It may be different than the one she had planned but it also may be better, who knows? As has already been said, I'm sure that your mom wants you to have a normal teenage life so tend to your mom's needs but also tend to your own. Just make sure that she can reach you if she needs you.


Betty Jean

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Welcome to the blog community! You did so well for your first time. It's hard to think about what we want to say when we have the opportunity isn't it? At least for me it has been.


I'm so glad to read that you are getting out for sleepovers with your friends. I am sure your mom really does want you to do those teenage "girlie" things. It's hard not to think about her when you are away, but I'm sure she is telling you to have fun - and that she means it!


I remember the horrors of trying out for talent shows. I played the clarinet in our band when I was in school. I was lucky enough to win a scholarship for summer camp and I loved every minute of it. Of course, the talent there was so much better than me - I went from solo chair in my band to 3rd chair at camp. I was able to work myself up, but that first try out was pretty sad as I recall!


I hope your post will show others here that there is a place for the teens and will encourage them to get involved too!


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Hi ahain Christina, GREAT FIRST TIME BLOG, I can just see the smile on your Mom's face. Her chest must be filled with pride and maybe her head a little swollen too.


I'm sure you can do this but I guess Betty Jean doesn't have any grand nieces around - even ancient I know the term and Betty Jean, you do too - just by a different name. Cheer is cheerleading and every girl loves that - unless they are extra fat and/or clumsy and then they also try out. LOL! Fortunately, when I was a teen- (let's see - George Washington was then president.............oh no, it was Harry Truman. I know, who was he?) Cheerleading wasn't quite as popular as now. I wasn't the type and instead was in the band. I played the glockenspiel..........OK, for any uninformed, the bells. They are now lighter than they were. In the concert band I sometimes beat the bass drum. I don't think you mentioned your instrument.


Sorry your Spring break is over but it does mean that summer isn't that far to go. Like yourse;f, I have to go back to work right now, so no more reading blogs until later. Glad you are now a blogger. So :welcome: here



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Hi :


I am so glad you joined our blogworld, now we will get perspective of our stroke effects on our lovely children, I have 9 yr old boy, he was 7 when I stroked at 34, as from mom point of view, I would want my son to enjoy every day of his life and not get bothered by me or my need or my stroke,and I bet your mom wants the same for you, I have done same melodrama infront of my kido that I want to die, but generally he hugging me and comforting me, brings me back to my senses that my purpose on these planet earth is not done yet, so tell your mom you need her here, on all your accomplishments and on your wedding day. Good luck for your talent show.


BTW you did great fo the 1st time in publishing your blog




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Welcome to Blogging.


I find it very therapuetic(sp)


On hear i can say all the things i am feeling that i cannot neccesarily tell other people


here everyone understands where you are coming from


keep on blogging.



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:signthankspin: thanks for patting me on the back

i really would like to start a chat for teens. I was talking with my friends today and they all thought that you all are great people. I'm proud to talk to such wonderful people because sometimes you need to talk to stranger to feel better! :hahaha: well thanks for all the encouragement. look forward to seeing a new blog!

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