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The Black Swans have come !!




Well we saw the first Black Swans swimming down on the river when I opened the curtains this morning, Baz was very excited as he loves to see the ducks & swans swimming down there !!

We are still getting hot weather even though it is nearly the end of March, we will have to remember to turn our clocks back tonight as Daylight saving ends. :Clap-Hands:

I have a book beside the TV remotes which I write down the tapes I have taped off the TV & what is on the them, Baz started it before he had the stroke & I have carried it on as I would never renmember what I had taped otherwise, I didn't have one written down & Baz must have remembered me saying what number it was, when I picked up the book I noticed that he had painstakingly written Bros & Sisters ( Brothers & Sisters) I had a little cry as it has been 3 years since he has even tried to write things without me spelling it out or telling him what to write !!

The smallest things mean the most to all of us who are caring or surviving a stroke !!


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