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I guess I have to start writing about my Pain. I have my wife, kids, family and friends I can count on. But my Pain is my constant companion. It is the one that never leaves me alone even for a moment. I am never by myself thanks to my companion, my Pain. When my Pain demands attention I cannot provide; it overwhelms me like spoiled child demanding attention and gives birth to its sibling Nausea.


The last couple of days Pain has been demanding. He has surged as nerve pain from my head to my feet and back again. Sometimes he settles in my chest and moves along my esophagus and my collar bones and the back of my neck. He has called his sibling many times the last couple of days. Pain and Nausea have combined, faithful, constant and relentless companions of mine, my head ringing so bad it affects what I can hear.


Why these companions have chosen to be so committed to me I don't know. And why withing that commitment is there so much determination to savage me.



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So sorry to hear you're not feeling up to par - probably not even able to practice your recorder right now. Pain and nasuea are a terrible combination. Are you under medical treatment? Maybe med level nees to be adjusted.


(((((hugs)))))) - here's hoping you feel better soon.

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Dear Alpine--Friends like that...


Truly, I am sorry to read about your constant pain. Would that I could find a way to take it away for you. You must be a brave person. Take Care. LK

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hey Dave:


I am sorry for you onstant companion, but everytime it hts you, think that you can take this, but think about somebody far worse off than you, and this is cross fit for you only. like mine is "looka ma no left hand"



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