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the dull gray fog



the dull gray fog sometimes settles over my brain and it's hard to figure out how to do things I usually do just fine. How to make new Blogs just didn't click today and I took all of my energy on this quest. In fact, even finding my blog page proved an ardous task. Now I've got no more brain energy. Frustrating. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow won't be so hard and I'll remember how!






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Glad you were successful - some days are definitely better than others. There are days when I'm so foggy, I wonder if I need a fog-horn. To help myself early on, I kept notes on things I did in order to refresh the brain. I refer to notes less frequently now.

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hey Linnie:


you could always PM me if you have any blog questions, though keeping notes handy is also another good way.




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Linnie, welcome back to the blog world. Don't beat yourself up about what it takes time for you to do now. It is good you finally figured it out. I am sure it will just become routine in no time.


We have to be thankful for this site and the opportunity it affords us to communicate with each other. Who kew once that we would have friends across the globe who we could keep in touch with every day?


I look forwrd to your next blog.



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Some days are better than others. I loved Donna's comment about sometimes needing a fog horn!


I may be way off the mark here and this information is not really stroke related but my dr. told me our brains could act "foggy" when we don't drink enough water (a total of 64 oz. a day: (8) 8oz glasses a day). Also, if you are depressed or under a lot of stress, your brain gets foggy. I was both these things (not drinking enough water, depressed and under lots of stress pre-stroke). My friends say I remember things so much better than before now that I am drinking my quotient of water and I am no longer depressed nor stressed. Now if I can just get rid of the ramifications of this stroke! :) Take Care. LK

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