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Remember! Memorial Day



Tomorrow's solemn ceremonies (Memorial Day) will be peppered with hymns and prayers as we honor fallen heroes and commemorate their sacrifices.


This is rightly so. It is also a reality that at the heart of every selfless act and sacrifice is remembrance of a giving God and a crucified Savior. Likewise at the core of every heroic act done in the name of freedom and truth, is the God of truth who decreed the high value of freedom and dignity of humanity.


So many of our young people have fallen in battle (over 100 so far this month alone) and continue to fall today. We pray for those who march, sail and fly off to war on a daily basis (many from right here at Ft Hood, Texas), pray they will remember their Creator in the midst of the gunfire, in the midst of unspeakable horrors. May they find grace and courage from Jesus Christ.


Many will meet him soon, some perhaps today. As we regularly pray for their safe return, let us also pray for the health of their souls and their families left behind.


Let us also remember the fallen with grateful hearts. These are not cheerful hearts that gather around the flags of the fallen on Memorial Day, but thankful hearts. We are thankful these have shown the great love that Jesus demonstrated in perfection, to lay down their lives for a friend.


We are their friends. We are their families. We are their countrymen no matter our creed or color. We are the recipients of their great gift of self in the prime of their youth. We are a grateful nation for that reason.


Let us remember GOD. Let us remember THEM. I love you ALL. :)


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Fred, I'm so glad I don't have to go to work tomorrow. The city of Ormond Beach has a wonderful Memorial Day rememberance. From the music when we arrive, patriotic songs of all the services to the opening flag ceremonies, invocation, speaker, fly-by with odd man out (which I find very touching to the ending prayer and everyone passing by the eternal touch at the city hall site and leaving the carnation we were given when we arrived. It is the largest in the area and worth going to.


The speaker is a former Green Beret who wrote a book on the twins- North and South Korea.


They are starting earlier this year because the heat was so unbearable and got to someone last year. They had the EMT's present just in case. So.........looks like we will start our day early, and then I must have a good American Hot dog.

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Fred, I have a good friend going to Iraq too. He is going as a chaplain to our troops. I will be praying for him as I always do, and for those who serve with him.


Our equivalent of Memorial Day is Anzac Day which is the 25th April so we have done the prayers for our soldiers, seamen and airmen of the present conflict and those who sacrificed their lives in the past. But for those known personally to us we go on praying day by day.



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