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I don't know if this is normal or even rational (maybe psychosomatic?) but I feel as though I am noticing/having more cognitive-related issues that I remember having before. Attention, memory, and confidence issues. Maybe it is because my attention and memory or just general metacognition are improving that I notice problems or gaps, could that be possible?


Maybe it is that I am becoming more aware of my surroundings and my impact on others that this is coming to light. Maybe I am just getting dumber by the day. Anything is possible, I guess.


I am having a difficult time reconciling what I am able to do, mentally. I do not have confidence in my mental abilities. Bob tries to reassure me that I am just the same as before in regard to intelligence, memory and whatnot but it is very frustrating to feel a 'lacking' and be told there is none where I FEEL it.


Does this go away or do I need to somehow design ways to compensate for it? Both compensate for the short term and wait for it to resolve in the long term? It is making me crazy (not that the trip to Crazyville is far, mind you).


~big sigh~


I have trouble trying to think through this and deal with other things as well. It seems as though I can only attend to one task at a time. I used to love multitasking and I was pretty good if I do say so myself!


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I feel your pain! I spend too much time in my own head, trying to figure this stuff out.

I'm hoping the fact that I'm seeing my 'deficits' more clearly means that I'm better, not worse. :head_hurts:

I'm one of those 'invisible' survivors. It's not apparent what's wrong with me, I'm just a bit 'off'. I'm torn between ignoring the whole thing and demanding answers that don't exist.

My hubby tells me "I'm fine" too.

I never know if I should correct him or leave him blissfully ignorant.

Thanks for the great blog, it really helped me today.



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Glad you could relate, Carol.


It seems that no matter how many times I try to convince Bob that I'm not all together in my head, he decides to argue with me - how can that work? It's my head!

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