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Apparently Blogging helps!



Yesterday I finally lifted myself from my couch of depression and tackled some jobs that have been pressing hard on my shoulders. Since these types of things are often a big source of stress, I wonder why I don


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hi RLT:


I am so glad blogging helped you, I think ithelps every one differently, for me writing down all these things even fun with my son gave me so much happiness and knowledge of purpose I was filling, I think it's now time to buy your hubby cell phone such that you can talk more often .




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Hiya RLT,


So glad your projects went well - including getting the hutch to your Dad's AND getting the truck returned on time. Way to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :big_grin:

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Blogging does seem to help to sort things out in my mind too. So pleased you are finding it helps you.


I am like you, I put things off, put things off and when I finally get to do them it all sort of slides into place and I am so pleased! So why can't I do that right at the start?


I loved the dresser story, reminds me of my late Dad who would take something home from my house to "fix it up" and then absent-mindedly give it to someone else!


Keep on blogging!



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