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Closed Doors



Being a 3 year survivor here and looking back at where I was at one point in my life reminds me of the bible saying "I will go and prepare a place for you." So, it reminds me of Closed Doors and those the Lord opens for us. I say to myself, "my place is not prepared yet, I'm still here for a reason."


I think back to when I was a stroke victim, lying on the floor passed out for hours before getting to a hospital. Then once there becoming a survivor. We know not all victims survive a stroke or heart attack. So, I'm thinking, if he hadn't close the door He didn't want us to enter, we would never have found our way to the right door. That door being the survivor door. Perhaps my place had not been prepared.


Instead of praising God for the closed door which kept us alive, we get upset because we judge by appearances. And believe it or not, in our own arrogance or ignorance, we insist that we know what is right. But, because he walks ahead of us, he can see trouble down the road and set up road blocks and detours accordingly.


Through our lack of wisdom we try to tear down the road blocks or remove the detour signs. Then the minute we get into trouble, we start crying, "Lord how could this happen to me?" "Why me?" We got to realize that the closed door was a blessing. Didn't He say that "No good thing will He withhold from them that love Him?" When our place is prepared, He will come again and receive us unto Him."


Even if you are atheist or have no certain beliefs, my point is you are alive, a survivor, lost your job, your ability to function in part, but don't be down, instead thank God for new opportunities that will manifest themselves. "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delights in his way." (Psalms 37:23)


I read so many blogs, topics and I make a few mentor comments of my own trying to get the point across that all of us here has survived for a reason beyond our knowledge and physical understandings. Our mountain top wisdom is glorious, but it is in the valley that we will grow. Like others here, I wonder how I managed to survive this far. My only answer is "By the grace of God, and the Closed Doors."


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wow great blog, can you please blog more often, I 100% agree with you. I read lisa's blog first & then urs made my day, confirmed my beliefs in goodness of God.




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Thank you for that blog I just read of yours. I was feeling down in the dumps earlier. If you like you can read my blog and what I wrote. You put me at a new perspective though. We need to be thankful for the here and now. When God shuts one door, he opens a window. I'm a christian, but even christians tend to have at doubts at times. Thanks for giving me back my perspective. Lisa :friends:

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Hi Fred


Thanks for looking at your glass as being half full rather than half empty.


I too find that attitude is very important to recovery and those of us who have faith in a loving creator with a wonderful master plan are indeed blessed.


A couple of my favourite scriptures are Heb 11:1 and James 4:8. They read as follows.


Heb 11:1 "Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld."


James 4:8 In part reads "Draw close to God, and he will draw close to YOU."


Thanks again for your very positive post and like Asha said....."keep bloggin!"


Smiles :)



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Lisa, I read your blog and the why me?, so I had this mentor feeling today to share. It's not easy traveling with bumpy roads, curves, hills, and those low water crossings that can sweep you down the stream.


Asha, My blogs comes with the days where I feel I need a lift and I always seem to read somewhere on the board just enough to bring those feelings out from what others have stated.


Phyllis, funny you'd say that, most people ask me all the time if I am. I guess I have the look. My mothers dad was and his brother. My brother next to me is and works at Walmart as a greeter also.


Gary, the glass half full is the creation while the half empty is the evolution of what could have been. I like to go with the known.

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wonderful entry, thanks for lifting us up. god Bless, and you are entirely correct or as I say God isn't finished with me yet I am still a work in progess, I too wait to dwell in the house of our lord, justing waiting on the door to open.

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You've sure come a long way in the time we've known each other. I hope you are proud of that.



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