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Catching Up



Well, have been busy... working on spring cleaning, a little in the garden. Not doing much of a garden this year.. just a few tomoato plants, some cucumbers .. and a couple "giant" pumpkin plants from seeds a special friend mailed to me.


My daughter, husband and grandson are moving about 4 hours away to Eastern Washington. My son in law got a really good job offer. I am really Happy for them. They are ALL excited about the move. I thought maybe my grandson wouldn't be.. he has been in the same school district 6 of his 8 years. But he loves it over there and is excited about the move also.


Last night we went to his "Moving Up Ceremony" his graduation from 8th grade. So he would be starting High School in a different school anyway. He was 14 in April he is 6'3" and wears a 17 shoe. We were actually surprised, he wasn't the biggest boy in his class. I couldn't get over how "grown up" many of these young teens looked. Many were dressed up as there was a class dance after the ceremony.


I was trying to look back and remember his mom's 8th grade graduation... I will have to go back thru photos and see if I can remember.. it is a memory that is gone. For awhile I couldn't remember he High School graduation.. then finally a few memories floated to the surface.


I know we all forget things.. it comes with age as well as stroke... maybe it is making room for "new" memories. It is strange sometimes what we remember and forget.


Someone else posted or blogged about not remembering. But sometime what is important today will not be in a week, a year or a decade. What is important is loving our family and friends today while we are here.


I have also been thinking of Diane. Live today as if it was your last day on earth. Tell those you Love them ... and be the Best you can Be. :hug:




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I too have thought about Diane and her family. You're right, we need to live for today, tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. There is no promise of tomorrow.


Good news about your daughter and family moving. I'm sure you'll miss them but will stay in touch. It's nice though to be offered a better job. Have a great week. :friends: :friends:

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bonnie, i know the memory thing, but its nice to look at old pictures to spark those memories. kids grow up faster these days it seems. you are right about living today, though. one never knows about tomorrow. the move sounds like a good thing for your family. good luck with your garden. sounds like you've been busy alright. take care and be well.


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