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Emails from Heaven



Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 02:05:45 -0500


Subject: Stu


Hi Judy


Just got back from StB. Hosp. Stu had a mini stroke. They took a cat scan and didn't see any bleeders, which is a good thing. They are keeping him over night anyways.

I'm going into work to get rid of 3 orders, then going back to hosp. What a birthday present! Going to bed to catch a few zz's hopefully. Talk to you later.







Here's where my son had his car accident, and I wasn't told, just as well.


Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 08:31:21 -0500


Good morning... was checking mail b4 going down to check dan... just called hosp & they said to call back in 1hr.


I'm sore all over.. going to go with dan & marli as soon as he's moving.

We need to get his prescription filled.. will probably go to shoppers at the hosp.


Where did u & david go when we left... we kind of lost you.


Thanks for coming. it sure was nice to have all the support from the family..

Love you all





Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 23:17:53 -0500


Subject: Stu


I thought I'd send off a quick note to everyone and send out our Heartfelt Thanks for all your support, thoughts and Prayers.


I know all 3 of us have felt the warmth from our Families.


Stu is moving along. He had a cat scan on Thursday. It didn't show any bleeders, which is good. He had ultra sound on Friday for his throat to make sure I think there were no blockages, and it was good. He had chest x rays tonight, but haven't heard the results yet.. I guess tomorrow now. He is determined to beat this new stepping stone thrown at him. Even the nurses noticed and mentioned his determination. Therapy is set to begin on Monday.


Daniel is doing ok too! his Xray's were good so they sent him home last night. He is very sore and has some bruises, but we expected that. The Tylenol 3's prescribed sometimes just doesn't cut it :) He doesn't like lying to his Dad, but knows that it can wait a couple days! Thanks to everyone for not mentioning it to Stu. I have to tell you a story about Stu's x rays tonite. When he came back to the room and we arrived back he was saying something weird happened. When he got to the Xray room, They had Daniel's name there not his. He couldn't figure out why. But they got it straightened out and his x rays were taken.


Daniel got him TV for his room and that has help him settle down. Not all that silent time for him to thrash over & over what happened and what is to come. Not that he doesn't but it is now limited.




Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 08:23:58 -0500


Subject: Dan


Good Morning,


Its early Sunday morning and we just got a call 745 from the son of the lady from the accident.


He was calling to check on Dan, to see how he was.


His Mom doesn't have a broken neck! She however does have whiplash.. and she is back home. He said that she is already doing the dishwasher. they can't keep her down!


We were all so relieved to hear this.


Dan said it was all the prayers! They sure work.


Well, now that I'm up... I guess I'll go wash up and have breakfast.

Darn it all, I guess I'll have to learn now how to make good coffee or buy more teabags :)


Take care and we'll talk soon


Love you all Kath



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