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seeing is believing



At last, grandchild number five, grandson number three Oliver Anthony entered the world at 1.41pm yesterday 9th August. Mother and baby doing very well, father exhausted as he sat up all night with mother. Very proud big sister Tori is very excited and wants to see him as soon as she can but small brother Alex as yet unaware of what all the excitement is about so I guess the reality will dawn on him when this small creature cries and he realises it is a new baby and not one of Tori's baby dolls left around the house.


We had a busy day yesterday,Trev took Tori to school but Alex ( see photo attached) was home all day. He got up about 4am so by mid-afternoon Alex and Granma were very tired. We had to go over and collect Tori from school so Pa Ray did not get an afternoon nap either, so he was very tired too. Trev and Steve came over in time for dinner so we had pasta salad and sausages, a quick and easy meal. Steve was wanting to go home and sleep, but torn between that and staying to play with the kids for a while. He says he really misses them.


Tragedy struck late-afternoon when Tori jammed her index finger in the exercise bike between the cog and the chain and squished it badly. Loud cries and dramatic statements followed but ice and pressure did the trick and deadened the pain but not before she had howled like a banshee for a couple of hours straight. I suspect the finger was the presenting problem but the drama going on elsewhere in the family had finally impacted and the tears would not turn off. There was a certain amount of guilt too as she knew she should not have undone the catch that prevents accidents from happening. She got up this morning and the finger works, it is just a little sore and discolored at the site of the injury.


It seems there is so much emotional impact with the birth of a child. I couldn't take it all in yesterday and although I took all the details down and phoned, emailed and passed on messages about his birth I didn't really believe he was here until I saw him today. Then as I cuddled him and gazed at his tiny face I could really believe that he was here. He is the same as the others in face shape but different in other ways, very dark eyes which will probably be brown, sqiggley curls plastered to his head. He has long fingers and toes so will probabaly be tall. The important thing is that he is healthy and so is his Mum. He liked his Granma though, I could tell, he cuddled in real tight and went to sleep as soon as I started to rock him.


My daughter in law likes me since I became a Granma, as a mother-in-law I was okay but as a Granma I am much loved. It is funny how much she has changed during the years since she first gave birth, we laughed together today when she said: "I wasn't going to have kids and here I am with my third. I think I had better find out how to stop!". We did get to have a good talk as I stayed a couple of hours and the only interruptions were the nurses coming and going doing the usual second day checks on Mum and Bub.


Soon the house will fill up again as Ray comes home from his Scallywags group, the kids and their father return from school and pre-school and Uncle Trev comes home from work. Life will flow on in its usual way. And that is good too.


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:congrats: to all on the new addition to the family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thr pic of Alex is totally precious. Shame that Tori got hurt - glad it wasn't more serious. Hope she learned a valuable lesson - as she is a smart girl, I'm sure she did.


Soon, all will be quiet in your household once again - You and Ray will get back into your routine. Bless you 2 for being there for the kids - wish Kristi had that rather than a grandparent always full of excuses. But...life goes on.

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Congratulations. We have something in common. My great-grandchild, Cassidy Ann, was born yesterday, also. Sadly, they live a long way away so I probably won't get to hold her anytime soon. She is my daughter's step-son's second child.


It does sound like your house has been bustling. Makes life interesting and fulfilling, doesn't it?


Alex is adorable.



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Congrats Grandma & PaPa and to all. Glad Tori is ok.. little fingers get in the darnedest places.. Luckily they are quite pliable..lol


Well I know you are all tired, but it is a good kind of tired.. LOL Enjoying family and welcoming the new one.


Best Wishes to you all. Yes daughter-in-laws seem to change a bit when the little ones come along..

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:congrats: Ma & Pa, all we gotta do is live long enough, the new generations are never ending, it's a way of life.

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congrats on your new grandchild...sounds like yours will be a busy place for the next while.. but a good kind of busy..I had twin granddaughters and a two year old in our city for five years, so got to know them fairly well.. The daughter in laws attitude changes when they realize that they can't do everything and we just want be there for them , they soon realize that we raised their husband and he did ok so they learn to trust you and relax . So enjoy them they're only little for a short time...

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sue, wonderful news, congrats to your family, alex is adorable, glad tori is ok too. you are surely blessed with your family. i can't wait for my grandbabies. so far i have grand nieces and a nephew due in october. get some rest i'm sure its been hectic around there lately. as soon as you can we want a picture of the baby.

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Picture of proud Granma and baby posted in the Gallery. I had the little ones till Sunday afternoon when their parents and new baby brother came and packed them up and took them home.


This morning Ray and I had trouble waking up, I think because we had Alex in our room we hd become used to him acting as our alarm clock. It sure is tiring looking after the little ones, but I am so glad we were able to do it.



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