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I'm back from vacation in Daytona Beach and we had fun. The Hilton in beach cabanas. We hd a reduced price because our niece works for the Hampton Inns.


Anyway, We drove over to Orlando and went to Sea World. My legs were very swollen and hurt bigtime so I rented a scooter. I was able to keep up with kids, always have a seat, store stuff in my basket, have special areas to sit in when we went to shows...It was so much fun without the hurt and the hassle. I realize I can't depend on the scooters, I can still walk , but theme parks are all in my agenda in the future. :Clap-Hands:


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its great you had a good time, but utilizing a scooter when needed is the best thing. it enables you to do more and have fun and isn't that we are suppose to do after having a stroke, get back into our lives. go scooter go.

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