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Going with the flow has different meanings for different people. I see it as accepting the challenges placed before us and taking things one day at a time, and enjoying what is left for us. The serenity prayer works for me - accepting what I cannot change, having the courage to change what I can, and hoping that I have the wisdom to know the difference.



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I agree with Sarah. Go with the flow can mean different things to different people. It can mean not fighting the changes and challenges that are thrown at you and doing your best to flow with them rather than let them take you down.


Great piece of writing---thought provoking and honest.



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I always love your honest writing, I always see tremendous pain i your writing, but as Sarah says accepting our situation and making best of every day is way to go, no tht your summer is coming you will be busy in all family activities, I bet it will be lot of fun.




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I too always love reading your posts; I look forward to your wisdom and honesty. None of us know what the future has in store for us. For me, go with the flow also falls into the One Day at a Time modality of twelve-step programs. I learned prestroke (through my college classes) that generally speaking we are all in recovery of some sort, including from life experiences. And stroke is definitely an experience and a half.


(((Hugs to you Dear Lady)))

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I agree.. going with the flow can mean "different" things.. Not that you are "un-prepared" but to manage the things you can, and when something happens to accept it as best you can.. and try to meet it as another challenge or hurdle to get over.


We don't have crystal balls, and sometimes get dealt some crummy hands to play, but we try to figure out the best way to get through this, hope for some quiet time before the next hurdle appears.


Enjoy your family, and bar b q"s .. I'm sure some family members will assist or keep Ray company while visiting. By being prepared.. have extra clothes or things you may need and let Ray enjoy family for as long as he can.


We cannot "out think" every situation. but you will do the best you can.. as you always do.



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Hi Sue.


As one caregiver to another long termer there is a lot to be said about the flow. The most important thing is to keep your head(and Ray's) above water. Unfortunately we seldom get to know what is coming next. Personally I'm a firm believer in the saying that life is uncertain eat dessert first. Good sailing and may fair winds be at your back.



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I think you are doing a marvelous job of going with the flow. Ray is so lucky to have you. Whenever my husband does something special for me, I tell him he has received another star in his crown. Your crown is brimming over.


Another admirer,



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