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Very Busy Doing Volunteer Activities





I apologize that I have not been a 'frequent-viewer' of the blogs. Things have been hectic around here. Adult kids are either moving in/moving out/trying to get own apartment/asking for finances to help with bills (I am just 'treading water' paying my own), getting involved with a Men's Ministry at my Church, and other things. I'm also trying to raise donations for our local American Heart Walk in October while also trying to 'recruit' people to walk with my team.


Healthwise, I'm very pleased with my open-heart surgery, last November. THANKS for ALL your prayers and concerns. My goal IS to walk the entire 5 mile Heart Walk course, but it might take me ALL morning.


Well, I need to start dinner, so I will talk later.


Have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend.





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Glad to hear all is going well; you've been missed here in blog world. I'm sure you are keeping very busy with the Men's Ministry as well as the adult kids. I have alot to look forward to I guess. If all works out as planned down the road, mine will be bringing in more money than Mom :big_grin:


Wish you the best in organizing your "team" for the walk.

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Hey Chef Denny--

I was wondering what you were cooking up of late!


You go on the Heart Walk. It doesn't matter how long it takes you, just make sure you stay hydrated. You Go! Take Care. LK

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