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Computer problems

Betty Jean


Hi Everybody!!! It's been a while since I've written but my computer was down and I couldn't afford to get it fixed. Anyway, I;m back and have been checking things out to see how everyone is doing.


September 4 was my husbands first anniversary of his stroke. It was sort of weird for me because I sort of kept waiting for the other shoe to fall and Thank God it didn't! Jim wasn't even aware that it was his anniversary but my son and I both knew and both had the same worries about it. I know it was pretty silly of us because Jim is doing just fine but we couldn;t seem to get around that feeling. Jim is now at the point where he can walk a bit using a walker if he has a little help. He still has trouble holding on with his left hand but it is such great progress as far as I'm concerned! We have been working out in the pool exerxising his legs and working on Jim's hand and arm to try to get him to be able to grip things. Slow but sure we are making progress.Jim doesn't think so because his hand and arm are not doing what he wants on demand but They are beginning to do the right things and I'm very excited even if Jim isn't. :Clap-Hands:


Our son had to have hernia surgey the other day and it's truly making him miserable. I know with time he will appreciate having the surgery but, right how, he is NOT a happy camper.


I have a couple of job interviews coming up next week :laughbounce: so wish me good luck! The government doesn't seem to want to help us out and It's hard to buy groceries and Jim's meds on just the little bit that we have been getting. I don't want to go back to work but if I want to feed him and pay for doctors and so on and so on then the choice is not mine to make.


Well, it's geat to see everybody and be back with you all. I've needed to be here so many times for one reason or the other and and I'm so glad to be here!


Good bight all, Sleep well and I will be ack soon!


Love to All,

Betty Jean




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Betty Jean,


Missed you - glad you got your computer up and running. :congrats: to Jim on the 1st Anniversary and the progress he is making. Recovery is ongoing even though it slows to a crawl. When I had my first, my daughter and I both were on pins and needles waiting to see what would occur. Nothing did, Thank God, and I'm still trudging forward. Check out the following link: http://www.strokeboard.net/index.php?showtopic=7562 This was posted by a member on prescription help. It's worth a try. Good luck on your job interviews.

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hey Betty Jean:


we missed you and wondered about you and Jim, Congratulations on Jim's 1st anniversary, first couple of years post stroke years are hardest when you are still trying to adjust to new lifestyle with new limitation. Happy for Jim's continueing improvement life becomes so much easier with all those progress, make Sure Jim walks more independently. Good luck for your job hunting. you are rising up to challenges life hands us.




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