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Fall on the Planet Aphasia





Our lives are changing with the season. I'm seven weeks out from my total knee replacement, doing very well and I just finished therapy today. And just in the nick of time because next week Don starts both speech therapy and aquatic therapy. To read the details in the September 12th entry click here!


Jean Riva




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You are one busy lady... I am so glad to hear how well you have done with your "new" knee. We will call you bionic lady.Besst wishes to you and Don.. :)

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Jean great to hear that you and Don are doing well. I thought of you many a time and wondered how it was going. I too hate to be looked after and would rather it be the other way around..You never know how this will help Don and you, You'll probably be the cleanest old people in your town after so many trips to the pool..lol...I really missed your blogs,, I must blog when I get more time, still busy with hubby and trying to get our lives back to a more normal kind of living AND it is really still improving...so maybe there's hope for Don, I'll keep him in my prayers... take care and don't do too much deenie

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Glad to hear things are going well and you are getting back to speech therapy and doing some water therapy. We are getting Gary back into the water therapy also. It really does wonders for the balance and walking, but I've dreaded having to get into a swimsuit to help him with it. LOL




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I look forward to the time when you start blogging. It sure helped me through some tough times. I am not quitting blogging, I'm just moving over to Yahoo 360 to do it and just posting links to that blog in places like this.




Thanks for the feet back on water therapy. I have no idea what to expect. God, I hope they don't make me get in the pool with Don! I really will look like a prune if I'm in a pool 4 times a week.


Bonnie, Phyllis,


Thanks for the comments, as always. I do miss this place once in a while but life evolves and the new doors that have opened up have been very positive and good for us.



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I was so glad to see your update even though it was on yahoo360 :(:unsure:^_^, so happy for Don's rollover on bed, I sure have used it to crush hubby, I bet water therapy will b great for both of u.




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I was so glad to see and read your blog! Welcome back! I'm so glad you completed your knee surgery and therapy... You just keep on truckin'! Take Care. LK

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