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Today Teddy turned nine years old. It is really hard to believe, he will always be that tiny puppy that could fit in a computer paper box. He had a great day, everyone wished him a happy birthday (of course I did mention to a lot of people telling them it was his birthday).

His Aunt Kim and Aunt Nora gave him a lot of special treats. After lunch we went on our regular walk. Teddy waited patiently by the dining room door waiting for his Aunties. Finally they came out and he really pigged out. It is very much like when you step on a bug, all that was left was a greasy spot. Aunt Kim gave him an extra treat, which I put in a pouch I wear on the side of my chair. It didn't take him long to realize it was a snack so I had to almost drag him back to our room with him looking and smelling the snack with great anticipation. So when we got back to the room I just had to give it to him. He gulped it down, like a school of piranha on a river rat.

He was one happy and stuffed little dog.



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Happy birthday Teddy... hugs and a special "scratch" from daddy's friend Bonnie. and happy birthday from her 4 footed gang... WOOOOF WOOF from Tasha, Muggsy, Molly, Romeo, Mindy and Alyese and a MEEOW from Chompers too. Muggsy was 10 this yr.. and his 2 kids Molly & Romeo were 9.. (Tasha ... our old girl is 16)

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I love your story about Teddy. It brought memories of my beloved Earnest back.


After my Dad died, I took my Mom on a "whirlwind trip of New England relatives and friends." My dog, Earnest was suppose to accompany us but one of Amah's (my Mom) friends was allergic to animals. So, while we were staying w/ this friend, I was talking to my husband on the phone and my husband offered to bring Earnest halfway and I could p/u him up on the Cape May Ferry. I was ecstatic. So off we went and the next stop was NYC. I had an uncle who lived there and Amah and I found a hotel that accommodated dogs. (I have to say, being in the hotel business was handy but the accommodations we found were not Marriott's but a competitors. I was an employee of Marriott through a Marriott managed property).


Earnest had never been in a hotel room and on top of that, Amah and I were going to a Broadway show w/ my uncle. In an attempt to ensure his good behavior, I decided to hide Milk Bones around the room for Earnest. Well, he caught onto what was happening and sniffed one behind the curtain. I told him, "No," and he left it alone. But you could see he couldn't wait for us to leave the room so he could get that Milk Bone. It was so funny. When we returned from the show, Earnest had found every single Milk Bone! No Doubts! Take Care. LK

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