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Autumn is here at last



:Clap-Hands: I have always enjoyed Autumn, for several reasons. Mainly, it meant returning to college. I always loved that because I would spend much of the Summer working at a cotton gin. We would work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was a very long day and would be very hard work. When I finally was liberated and heading back to college that would mean freedom again. Soon we would have the cold fronts move in with thunderstorms and cooler weather. I even took some time going to classes. :Typing:

However, those days are over and face a very different reality. :harp: I have learned to make adjustments, so it is not nearly as bad as it was just a year ago, and actually, it can only get better.

Actually, I have Teddy who is always a relief. Today I took him out and he found some blue stuff :yucky: He did have fun rolling around in it, but now he is partially blue. :puke: Also, he got his fair share of treats. After diner, an aid brought him a large plate of leftover hamburgers. He really enjoyed that, but he refused to eat the bread. :thumbdown:


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hey Doug:


I see my son having so much fun in summer, though I look forward to fall, new school year new begining, fall colors. I guess every decade in life brings different meaning of life. I know you are truly survivor and look towards all joys in your life, and i am happy that Teddy brings that joy in your life. I look at stroke also as one time assault. it will only get better.
























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fall is my favorite season as well even though it means more work with all the leaves, but each leaf to me is like a flower, so colorful and pretty. Hey you're lucky that Teddy only rolled in something blue and not something stinky.... :) My little dogs love to roll in what I call stink, it's usually something that one of the bigger dogs have brought up to the house and is dead... oh yuck... lol Sounds like Teddy is a lot loved :

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