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back to the usual mishaps - bah!



Funny how soon that holiday feeling fades away and the normal vultures start to circle overhead again. Today was one of those days where you just shrug your shoulders and know that whatever life throws at you means you just need to pick yourself up as best you can and get on with it.


Today I almost got to the kidney specialist's appointment when the car started to act crazy. We went jumping up a hill just like a kangaroo...jump...jump..jump... Luckily I was within half a mile of the workshop I take the car to for servicing so managed to crawl there. The receptionist said no way was the car able to be looked at today but maybe tomorrow or Thursday? Having no choice I agreed.


I wheeled Ray three city blocks to the kidney specialist. There was a crowd of people in there, the doc is going away for a two week "lecture tour" of Europe and The Americas so he told us though the receptionist said to her friend that he was going to Barbados. Ah! what a life eh? So we had that "instant medicine" approach. Got the xrays? Got the blood tests? he suggested a Urologist was a better choice for Ray, recommended one, dictated a letter to him and his report over the dictaphone and we were out of there in ten minutes. Phew!!


I'd phoned Trev to pick us up but he got caught in traffic (multiple areas of road works on our main route) so he was half an hour late. That left us no time for lunch so I packed a hasty couple of sandwiches and Trev picked up two more ladies and we were off to Craft group. Of course I didn't have the right gear so fiddled for two hours with some bits and pieces and caught up with the gossip.


Trev took me to see a doctor in one of those multi-doctor practices ( our doctor's surgery is closed with a note on the door saying "due to unforseen cicumstances etc." so don't know what is happening there!) and I finally got meds for the bronchitis so I should be feeling better in a couple of days. As a carer I always put Ray first, the family second, me third. Always have, part of my nature as a nurturer. But it does mean I often neglect my own health for too long.


Completed the day with a quick trot around the shops, so we have fruit, bread, milk, all the essentials and now I can stay home for a couple of days, catch up with some housework and hope the car repairs come in within the budget! And hopefully all is well that ends well.


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Whew!!! I got tired just reading about your hub-hub. Sorry about your car - hopefully not too expensive. Perhaps it needed a holiday.


Dear lady, you need to take care of yourself as well. What good are you going to be to anyone if you're down. Hope you feel better soon and can :stab: off the yucks.

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Guest lwisman


Hi Sue,


Sounds like you are back at it already. Remember to do something nice for yourself every once in a while.


Sorry about your car. I just got mine back after two weeks in the shop. Boy is it a hassle when the car is in the shop.


Hope you are able to keep getting where you need to go. Take care. :D

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whewh I am tired thinking about your day. Glad you were close enough to the car shop. Will say a prayer that car repair comes in under budget $$.Take care of yourslef. Bronchitis is NO fun. Sending BIG ((((HUGS))))) your way.

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SOMETIMES we ask ourselves "Why" and a little voice always answers "Why Not". When it rains it pours in more cases than yours. I'm in the same boat with one paddle and one arm, do I get tired? You bet, so I can imagine some of the tail spins you go into day by day.


We just have to keep on pushing heads up.


Love always for you and Ray!!

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God, I hate car trouble!!! But how lucky you were to be so close to the doctor's office that you could walk there from the garage. That doesn't happen often. Hope it doesn't turn out to be very serious.





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Thanks for the comments Donna, Lin, Bonnie,Fred and Jean. The car repair bill was just manageable and I have it back home again. The last couple of days were quiet and we just stayed home.


Now it is raining so I guess we'll spend tomorrow quietly at home too. Might be the right thing to do after a couple of busy weeks eh? It will allow life to calm down a little, never a bad thing.



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I am glad to hear the bill was manageable. (even if it was JUST- better than NOT-LOL)

Enjoy the rainy days. Summer is upon you and I expect these rainy days will be few and far between soon.


Take Care, Rest Up, & Regroup


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sue, bless your heart, i'm glad the car situation turned out ok. enjoy the rain and some good napping weathe,it sounds like you need some rest to recharge after the past few weeks. i hope you start to feel better soon but please look after yourself better as donna said.

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WOW! you've been thru a bit there for sure Sue. Glad it turned out in the end, got the car fixed at an affordable price. Rest and take care of yourself. When Ray is sleeping, maybe you can get a few extra ZZZZZ's in. Rainy weather makes me sleepy, I guess the sound of it. Curl up in some warm, comfy clothes and socks, get snuggled on the couch with a blanket and have a nice hot cup of cocoa. (put some marshmellows in it)

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