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And a GREAT Day Was Had by All!!!





The disability deer hunt is over and a great day was had by all, including me. If you want to read all about the experience my husband and the other twenty-seven wheelchair bound guys had click here!




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Wow, What a Great time for all. Glad you had some "me" time. Sorry you missed the chili...That is quite a spectular ...orginization for the hunt, from fund raising, facilities, cooking, etc. This is really heart-warming that people go the extra mile.. and sounds like everything is covered. form meals, bathroom, etc.Thanks for the photo of the "Beaming" Don.

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Wow Jean your description of the Great disabled deer hunt sure brought the memoirs for me especially the part about the camp fire and the tent.

My dad had a tent custom sewed for our annual family trips each fall. Once again your distinctive style of description amazes me your one of the best author's I've ever read. It's been a while since I've commented on your blog but rest assured I read it almost daily. I can see the trees feel the crisp mountain air and smell the canvas and chile cooking. Thanks for the great read. keep up the great work you trully are the Charles Dickens of the Blog world. Tell Don Hello for me and tell him how lucky he is to have you for a caregiver Clark Taylor

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