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Heart break...again



:Sob: This has simply been a very rough week. Not for me really, but for the people around me, and so I guess indirectly me.


On Wednesday, my friend Andy called me and told me that his daughter (who is seven months pregnant) was in the hospitial because they feared for the baby because her blood pressure was really high. This is only about a week after he and his wife had to go and move this daughter out of the home she shares with her looser husband because he beat her and choked her. On Thursday she was transported to a larger hospital about an hour away because our hospital does not have a NNICU. Friday morning, he called to tell me that they had done an emergency c-section. The little baby was 2 pounds and 12 ounces. Everyone is doing pretty well considering the circumstances. I am going to go visit them tomorrow.


During all this, another close friend of mine called to vent. It seems a woman whom she has helped get jobs for the last 10 years or so stabbed her in the back. This back stab and other subsequent actions will probably result in my friend loosing a job that she loves. Today we were rehearsing for a play that I am helping her direct, when her cell phone rang. It was her mother telling her that her drug and alcohol addicted son was in jail again for driving drunk. This is his third DWI. The second one already has him serving a thirty day sentence starting December first. This time he will likely go to prison. My friend who is one the strongest people I know turned to me and said, "I must be the worst mother in the world, or I am being punished for something." I wish there was some way I could help her understand that none of this is her fault.


I hate to see my friends suffer. I wish there was more I could do for them to help take away their pain.


We also experienced the death of a former student this week as well.


All of this makes me feel like such a heel when I bemoan that fact that my life is less than perfect, because so many other people have much tougher rows to hoe than I do. I am so heartbroken for my friends I don't know what to do.



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((((HUGS)))) and many of them for your friends as well. I do hope that the Momma of that newborn baby will have the strength and fortitude to remain from the father after what he did to her and could have done to their child. To your friend, whose child faces prison time, perhaps he will be afforded the chance to turn his life around during his incarceration. What he has done does not mean that she is a bad parent. I hear the same thing from my dear Brother...2 of his 4 grown children have not made the best decisions in life and 2 have.


You are a good friend as you are there for them...you cannot change what has happened to them but you are able to comfort them and lend a shoulder. We are brought what we can handle and we do not walk alone.

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