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Confused about pain




I have numbness and tingling in my hand and leg. It is painful and debilitating.. I take Lyrica but it doesn't help. Everytime I complain to my doctors they send me for an MRI or Cat Scan. I am four years past my stroke so I don't know if this is normal stroke "after affects" or what. Any suggestions?



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hey nekkenrules:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I am sorry about your pain & tingling. I will like to know more about your story in your next blog such that we get to know you better.




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Thanks, Asha Well I had a stroke 4 years ago and I do pretty well on my own. I can't drive so that is a bummer. I live in West Virginia but am planning to move back to New Jersey soon. I had a left brain stroke so it affected my right side. I had a lot of good therapy right after and was able to walk out of there with just a cane.


I don't understand why I have all this pain 4 years after. It is intermittant but each time it happens it gets worse. Just reading others stories helps me to know I'm not crazy.

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No, you are definitely NOT crazy. On the message board, you can do a search (click on community links and select search from drop down menu) then type in Central Pain Syndrome. Many here suffer from it. You would think, it's enough to have the deficits we have after stroke; why does pain have to be part of the mix.


Hope you get relief.

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I have the same pain. I think they are spasms from tight muscles in your affected limbs. My doctor gave me baclofen for spasticity and it losen the muscles but sometimes while stretching my leg I will get a bad spasm from my thigh to my foot and I cant move because it hurt so bad! My guess is it comes from lack of exercise and circulation.

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In my first blog I complained of numbness and tingling and was encouraged because I found others had this problem that I thought was my own.


I hesitated to post this before I was sure my new medicine worked but now I'm sure I feel better. So I can blog about in the hopes that it might help someone else in pain.


My doctor prescribed AMITRIPTYLINE. It's an anti-depressant but for me that's a bonus. He said it works in conjunction with Lyrica which I am already taking.


Thank you all for sharing and caring.

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