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The Art of Racing in the Rain




Ever wondered what life is like through a dog's perspective? I just read the book, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and this book was written through the eyes of a dog. I bought it yesterday and finished it this morning- it was so enganging!

(I won't spoil the story, the plot I will tell you about can be found on the book jacket- I hate when people tell you too much-lol)


The book begins with the end of the dog's life. On the eve of his death the story unfolds as Enzo (the dog) tells of his life and the lives of his "pack" (his owners). Enzo has come to terms with his death and is ready to die due to a documentary he saw on the discovery channel when he was young. The documentary (in short) told of an ancient belief that when dogs die, they will come back as a man. Because of this, he has spent much of his life preparing to be a man someday, trying to ingrain onto his soul all the life lessons he has learned so that as a man, he will always remember what is important.


Enzo's story telling mostly focus's on his master, "Denny" a semi-professional race car driver, and the ordeal he goes through when Denny's wife becomes terminally ill and eventually dies. The story continues when Denny's in-laws sue him for custody of his daughter. You get to feel how an animal knows what is going on in his master's life and is able to "be there" as only man's best friend could be.


It was fascinating to read a book told in the first person by not a person at all, but a dog. It was very moving and insightful, I highly recommend it!




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