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Tropical heat wave?




It has actually gotten above zero, we have a whole 1 degree this morning. It my even get to near freezing today.

Poor Teddy is having a hard time. He woke me up at about 2:00 am. He was panting really hard, which usually means he wants to go outside. To stress his point he jumped out of bed and went to the door and pushed the curtan away. I got up and opened the door, even though it was -7 he went outside and peed like a racehorse, he melted a lot of the snow!

Hopefully, if it does warm up some, I will be able to take him out later today. Auntie Nora should come down later to take him out.



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the cold weather is hard on our furry loved ones as well as us! at least teddy is a brave little guy and let you know he HAD to go! we are expecting snow here too...snuggle up and stay warm! kathy

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I don't think tropical heat wave of 1 degree is enough to don your bathing suit Doug . Poor brave lil Teddy. When you gotta go you gotta go. Hope you both can stay warm :cold:

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