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2009 Is Here



6th Jan. 09


Go into hospital on the 15 Jan 09. hope I will be there only three or four days. then my year will begin, have sold my country place it is a piece of paradise and I always wanted to be there so that will be behind me. And i will start looking for a new van and get it converted so i can regain some of my Independence. Then I'm going to start my home based business computer repairs, will charge half the going price of the local computer repairers so I should get a few customers and still make a small profit, looking forward to getting that started, one reason getting to meet new people as they bring there computers for repairs.

I just hope it does not get out of hand like last time, about 15 years ago i was electrocuted and that was the end of my working life in my career as a chef. that is when i first started repairing computers mainly to keep my sanity and help pay my home repayments, Then i did accept business 24x7 I had people arriving 10 O'Clock at night wanting things repaired so they could get back on the internet etc my house was full of computers I mean full, lounge room two spare bedrooms, thats not happening this time :BashHead:

When the computer business is started up I want to start a photographic business for pets i seen a person on TV doing it and it is an easy operation to do from home, as i have done a lot of photography in the past and enjoyed doing it, as i also enjoy doing photographic restoration thats is a time consuming job but of a night time when it is quiet and can't sleep which is quite often it will keep me occupied.


2009 Here I Come Running



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Allan its wonderful to hear all your plans for the future. I'm sorry to hear you are selling your country place. I hope your surgery will go well and you can start on those plans ASAP. Good luck and Take care,



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welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I am all excited about your computer repair business plan & since you have done it before you know what to expect.


I wish we had repairshops like those here in US. here everything is disposable.




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i think 2009 better watch itself! you are going to give it a workout for sure! your plans sound great and also rather fun....meeting new people and hanging out with folk's pets. you are a most interesting and amazing guy. now, get that surgery over with. we all care deeply about you. i hope your daughter will keep us posted.......my best for a quick recover....kathy

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Welcome to the blogging community. You are in my thoughts and prayers for your upcoming procedure and for all you plan to do in 2009. Good for you. With your outlook and attitude, you WILL succeed.

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Hi Allan, Congrats on selling your country place, even though you would rather be there. You are definately going to busy with the computer repairs an pet photography.


Some of the photos are sooo darn cute. I don't know the man's name, he has gray weimernar dogs and he has them dressed up often.. The photos are quite famous now


And look at Anne Gedde's and all her baby photos.


Best wishes for a Wonderful 2009, full of health, friends and whatever makes you Happy.



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