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Magical Mornings

Wesley H.



I was laying in bed this morning, wide awake in the pre-dawn darkness listening to the familiar and comforting sounds of home. I heard the rumble of water pipes as my teen aged daughter turned on her shower, announcing to me that she was up and getting ready for school. My wife lay close to me resting her head on my shoulder, her arm extending across my chest. I laid there just listening to the rhythmic breathing of her deep sleep. I reached my arm across her feeling around for Pete, the dog. He was lying next to her with his back pressed hard against hers, obtaining the physical contact with her that he craves. His head rested atop the pillow as he snored softly; dreaming whatever it is that contented dogs dream about.


This is my favorite time of day. A new day is awakening with all of its challenges and opportunities for success. This time of day is magical for me. It



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hey Wes:


your blog drew such a wonderful picture of content life. I love sandeigo. each day we can wake up healthy is huge blessing




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Hope your test driving goes well. Try to remember all is in HIS time not ours. The one thing I've had to learn post stroke is patience.

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