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Been a year and stroke free.. but that isn't the worst of it

Billie Jo



Hi to all of you!


I have not been around much this past year.. but coming here sometimes makes me feel sad .. so I stayed away for a while.. today I felt I should come here and reunite with some of you and meet some of the newbies.


I visited with my dr for my 6 month check up and he said I am remarkable. That made me feel good! :) I am doing better than anyone expected. (As far as stroke goes)


On December 11th of 2008 I suffered a heart attack. I had 100% blockage to my right coronary artery. I could NOT believe it! I told them I had a bad chest cold! haha I am still in denial! But am getting along pretty good. I got to ride in a helicopter! Woo hoo to the Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD. I was not all that impressed. haha


Anyway.. Now I am in a whole new recovery! I did quit smoking and am now on a heart healthy diet. I don't like fish of any kind and am not fond of white chicken meat.. so not too sure how this is going to go at all.. haha


Well.. better get to the dishes and laundry.. take care all!



Billie Jo



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Welcome Back to us Billy Jo - sorry to hear you've had a heart attack dear lady. You will overcome that as well I'm sure. You are a strong and determined woman so I have no doubts.

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hi billy Jo:


thanks for checking on us, your sense of humor is still intact. sorry to hear abt your heart attack. but you will do great since u r armored with great sense of humor. I hope you overcome your sadness coming to this site. I get joy & inspiration coming to my blogworld






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hi billie jo. i am so happy to hear from you, but so sorry to hear of your heart attack, not a good thing, but you are on the recovery road once again and i'm sure will do just fine to get over this bump as you have all the others. quitting smoking was the best thing you could do. i give you a bunch of kudo's for that one. stay well now and you will probably lose alot of weight on the diet you are on. hopefully that is a good thing for you. please keep us updated on how things are going for you. we have missed you. stay strong and confident. kimmie

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Wow, Billie Jo, sorry to hear it made you sad coming to the site but I for one gotta say I'm glad you returned early this year and what ever it was that gave you that feeling, I hope it's gone with the life changes you have made.


We are glad to have you back after all you have gone through lately. Hooray! on giving up the cancer sticks, hope it is for good and your body can adjust pretty quickly. Your likes and dislikes in food choices will probably change in a little while. You'll notice the difference in your health statures.


Happy times to you and welcome back!

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Hi Billie Jo,

I'm gald you have quite smoking.. I quite in 3-23-88. It was tough for me but I told myself if I could make it a year I would make it and I did!!!


Best wishes,


Bruce Schwentker :lol:

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