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High blood pressure....



We had an appointment with the primary care physician today. William blood pressure is still a little high. The doctor said that maybe he didn't need his digoxin anymore. He wanted to know what is ejection fraction was. I told him that the cardiologist had just taken is a couple of months ago. and it was still low. The digoxin is for congestive heart failure. Anyway...I came home and made an appointment with the cardiologist. I think that he should be able to answer some of the questions posed by the internist. Do we still need digoxin. William is still in atrila fib. Should we do anything. Does William still have congestive hear failure. Will is go away?? What blood pressure should be normal for him. Should we add a calcium channel blocker?

I was under the impression that because of the congestive hear failure we needed to have blood pressure a little high.


Well, who knows. But, now I have lots of questions for Friday and the cardiologist.


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write down all the questions for cardiologist such that you get all your answers from him & don't forget any questions.




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