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You are phenomenal!! yes you keep going.

I know that you are so busy.

I am glad that you host a chat. I am usually working so I have not been able to chat with you. But, one day. I might have that time free.


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hey Sue:


Congrats on your 3 years as chat hosting. I know you will be busy next few weeks but hopefully can still spend some time with us.




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I can't truly believe that someone said it would not last with you being a chat host. You are definitely an asset to the site. Congrats on being a host for 3 years. Enjoy all your company.

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wow sue, i would get dizzy trying to keep up with you. i don't know how you do it all. you have a busy week ahead of you. but you will enjoy your visitors and maybe they can help you with ray alittle. well we are very fortunate to have you with us for those 3 years and hope you stick around for as long as you can. we all enjoy and love you. chat with the lady down under. i hope ray is able to enjoy his visit with his friend. maybe you can get some rest soon, you are going to need it,LOL have fun with your company.

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