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my shrink



so i went to see her yesterday for the first time in a long time she had some kind of emergency, with she never elaberated on??"personal crisis" any way?,it's funny she's so into kepping THAT line of seperaion,but calls me at home from her home& is mortifyed that i have caller i.d on my system& now have her personal phone number,after 5 min. of reasuring her i have no plains on EVER calling her at home for any reason& as soon as i figure out how to earase the number i will lol_2.gif anyway she brings up the subject of why? i'm i still comming here?,now wantting to be gracous&apreashitive(i wanted yto stop seeing her months ago!) the only real reason is that i'll have somewere to go every2 weeks really,so now i have 2weeksto come up with an anser,pretty sure i'm gonna stop,it's costing the state x-amount of dollars& i really don't see the point?after 3 years i found out she has childern& i feel after 3 years she has no insight on me whatsoever(nothing i didn't already know) when i first sarted seeing her she had a lot to work with,dealing with the harsh realitys of post stroke(howi'm i gonna make end meats) i was not wanted in the place i was living) the one constent was leaving sad.gif i have to re-route my whole lfe& deal with gov. agenceyswhile sifting though the confuion of post stroke,so confuionvs.engsity= one messed up sam,in the end i always felt pyhcatry was quckery now that i've done it i can say it with convicion[quack,quack-quack!,i'm typing this trying to think of some thing positive to say to her& i can't......oh dear sad.gif i've got two weeks to think of something to let her down easy,[quack,quack-quack! lol_2.gifwhoosh.gif blog



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i have been to SEVERAL therapists throughout my life before and after stroke. i've tried men, women, younger, older and have NEVER found one who i thought was worthy of having me as a patient. i KNOW that there are some caring and excellent therapists in this world, but i just didn't find one.


if you no longer feel that she has insight toward your feelings, maybe it's time to look for a new one!!!! if you still want to go to a therapist, i am sure the city of boston has one that will better suit you!!!!! i hope so!!!


my thoughts are with you sam!!!!



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I am sure you have broken up with lots of ladies in your time. I know the feeling, been to see therapist& psychiatrist, and I always knew I was through, when I would go for a session and have nothing to talk about. Or, you know how females are, we cry a lot and I would just go see them chipper as a bird, and say"I think I have benefited much from our sessions, but feel I have met my goal for now, Would it be okay for me to make an appt when I feel like the need arises again for me to come? I go to see my psychiatrist just for med check ups now. If you are on meds, maybe you could just arrange for med check-ups, that it is a nice 10 min. at the most visit for me, How's it going? Here's your script. La-ti-da. I know that was prob more info than needed.


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