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4th week of therapy



The start of week 4's therapy - has included "firsts" at home as I'm finding that things are really working in therapy. I receive my prescriptions through express scripts. Prior shipments I had to have Kristi open the bottles for the first time (they're not childproof but so tight that I could not open them). This order, I was able to firmly grip the bottles in my left hand as I open them with my right!!!!! Yesterday (Sunday) I walked around my first floor and exercised without my brace on for an entire hour. I had no ankle flopping due to the footdrop though I did have difficulty in walking heel toe without my hinged afo. It was kinda flopping but not dragging either. Kristi of course had to inform me that I'm still her peguin :rolleyes: . I've also been able to squat to pick up things off the floor (much less wear and tear on my lower back too)


Today when the access driver picked me up for my transport, she said right away that I was more stable in my movements, was stronger, and had a "glow" from the last time she had seen me a few weeks back.

During the drive, she praised CRS (Centers for Rehab Services) and the work they do there. She also gave me a tip for at home to strengthen my ankle - while watching tv or relaxing in a chair to place a bottle on it's side under the arch of my foot and to roll the bottle back and forth. I did confirm this with PT and she said yes it will help.


During PT today, Kelly rechecked my time in standing up from a seated position - I had to do it 5 times as she timed me. During my initial eval it took me 24.5 seconds. Today it was 18.1. When I told her my "firsts" she was thrilled.


PT was 10 minutes on the nustep with the resistance raised from 3 to 4. My wooden box climbing and foot tapping today was done while standing on the squishy mat to test and work on my balance. I also had to balance on the mat while turning my head from left to right and from ceiling to floor. I also did squats - 30 while standing on the mat. No side steps today with theraband on my legs. That hour of PT went fast today!!!


OT started off by me telling Lynn what I did with the medicine bottles. I also asked her what I can do at home to strengthen my forearm. She said, as I use the arm more for daily things, the strength will increase. I mentioned that I am squeezing a stress ball. She cautioned me to only do that if I can release it as that will not build up strength unless I can release it (relax fingers). Today Lynn placed a tens unit on my arm while my arm was on a wedge so that my wrist bent back. As the muscle contracted, I was able to also lift my wrist farther (first time). I then (in between Lynn stretching my fingers) picked up tennis balls and released them into a basket (without my fingers being stimulated). It was a great feeling to actually get the balls released.


I had such a great and intensive workout today that my blood sugar dropped while I was in OT - fortunately I had a piece of candy with me (Tootsie Roll) that I ate during a break. I was just inishing up in OT when the access van came for me. As I hurried out of there - yes I said hurried LOL - I carried my hemi-walker and cruised along. Mouths were dropping open as the therapists saw me. My PT caught up with me and said on Thursday I will be walking there with a single point cane - whooooohooooo.


I was glad to get home to regroup for Thursday's therapy sessions.When I got in from therapy I called to schedule my transportation for next week. Pittsburgh is going to be the host city for G20 Summit. The Summit itself will be Sept 23 & 24 but ACCESS has had recordings that scheduling at all for the week of the 21si will be difficult. The area I go to for my therapy is in one of the no-no areas for the week. I was refused transportation for either of my therapy sessions but was able to schedule transportation to my appt. with physiatrist on the 22nd.


PT and OT both went well. I let everyone know that I cold not get transportation due to the Summit. All understood and told me they'd miss me. My PT is a Chicago Bears fan so we were teasing each other about their game against the Steelers this Sunday the 20th. All exercises were the same as Tuesday's - no increase in time or torture LOL. I did receive my single point cane - my insurance will be billed. I had to promise Kelly NOT to take it out in the yard to walk unless I had my daughter with me to spot me. I have taken it outside in front of the house on the sidewalk in front to get used to the single point cane versus hemi-walker.


The only time now that I use the hemi-walker is when going to the bathroom to shower and dress (it's perfect to carry the clothes) Not sure if my left arm would stay in place to walk into the bathroom carrying clothes and not drop them. Another goal :)


OT also went well. Lynne set me up initially with the Bioness H200 hand rehab. After the stretching, I did functional movement of picking up blocks and placing them in a basket. From there I moved onto tennis balls after my hand was thoroughly stretched. Lynne held my outstretched fingers flat on the table and leaned on them while I shifted my weight to provide additional pressure. It smarted but also felt good. After I stood and picked up tennis balls and placed them in a basket. When basket was full of balls, I then picked them up and placed them back into their container. When my silly hand decided to go crazy and knock over the container, I got to start all over. I got the giggles :silly: of course which made it even harder. Lymm and I did discuss how my hand is wanting to tighten up again - it's been 2 1/2 months since my first botox injections. Lynne said that I may be tightening up so soon as it was the first injection and he had given me a lower dosage than normal.


All in all a great week at therapy. Fortunately, I can do many of my exercises at home to give myself a workout for both PT and OT (don't want to go backwards). Another first too - turning on and off water in bathroom and kitchen with the left hand - YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If my right hand could talk I imagine it yelling YIPPPPPEEEEEEE some help for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Congratulations on all of the firsts. I love hearing that you are doing well. I am so happy that you are making progress. Please keep us informed. I love reading how you are doing. Please continue to work hard. You are doing so well. I am so proud of you.


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:happydance: Yeah Donna, way to go!!You have been working so hard and at last getting the success you so richly deserve. Well done!


Seriously I so admire all of the people who make the big effort and get back to a more advanced level. I know what a difference being able to walk into the room with just a stick will do for you. It takes years off your age to go in with your head held high, so smile sweetie and let them know you are back on the scene!


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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donna, i am so happy for you with all the progress you are making. i think i would have tears in my eyes all the time if it were happening to me, knowing you never thought you would get to this. after so many years but as you say, recovery never stops and we know how hard you have been working to get where you are i am so proud of you and i bet kristi is too and the fur babies as well, now they will really have to run to keep up with you,LOL jut don't trip over them! all of this improvement will help your self esteem, as sue mentioned. your on your way girlfriend to a better life for you now!! woohoo keep updating us on your progress too. i know having this coming week off due to no fault of your own, you will continue working on your improvement even harder probably. love n hugs, kimmie

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