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Egg and elephant pie



I go to a local church, with three small congregations. I take Ray to the 9.30am service as I can get him up, showered, dressed in his good clothes, having had his breakfast and into the car by 9am. It is a bit of a rush but we manage okay.


For the last six months or so I have been helping out with Sunday school. We have a man who is an ex-teacher who is the person in charge and me. That is enough


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I love the elephant and egg story. Yes, Sunday mornings. It is alot of work to get William to church but, he loves it so. I do the shower on Sat. I cannot work a shower and everything else in and get to the 8:30am SERVICE. Yesterday the caretaker took William to church. He had to use the bathroom. This was a catastrophe. He doesn't usually need to go at church. But, it can always happen. They managed. But, as usual he would rather it happened with me. Because , I know how to handle it.

Yes prevention is better that a catastrophe.

I hope Ray is feeling better.


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I hope you find the cause if not then a cure for his cough. My grand daughter does the coughing at night but not during the day. I'm having my A/C checked and cleaned, it's been 9 years since we moved in here.


Sometimes it is something we least expect that causes the problem.


It's great you give kids a chance to learn about God in Sunday school. I wish more parents would bring their kids on Sundays, they would make better adults in time in my opinion and experiences I had as a kid growing up in the church.

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I hope to that Ray's cough goes away. With your spring weather coming, do you possibly have any windows open at night? I've heard that open windows at night can intensify a cough.


Your Sunday school story was priceless.

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