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My Botox Injection



I had a Botox injection last Friday. The Dr's injected me three or four time. They did my upper arm first and then did my lower arm next. They did the lower arm about three times. The hope is that that with the injections my arm and hand will move more smoothly. The injections really did not hurt that much. I was amaized that they didn't hurt that much. I just hope that the injections work and do there job.




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All the best with it Bruce. You can compare notes with Donna as I shared last night she is doing the shots as well. She has blogged on the subject, you might want to go check it out. That's what we do here, share our experience, strength and hope. :) Keep us informed with your next "Blog entry" how it is going. I am happy you decided to Blog about it. Way to go. You will, in turn, help others.


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The botox won't do much on its own. You really need to keep it moving and work with it to get the most out of it.

Good luck and keep up the good work. The stuff works you will see and be happy with the results of your efforts.

Maria :friends:

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that's wonderful I hope & pray it works out the way it worked for Donna do the therapy alomg with botox & that gives the best result




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i've had injections once - 2 in my affected shoulder for range of motion and 3 in my knee area to help my gait. The shoulder is definitely better but I don't think the leg is. I have my second injections next week. I do exercise to help it come along. Good luck to you; hope it works. We never know unless we try. Leah

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I hope the injections work out for you, too. I don't have knowledge personally but I have witnessed a few in our support group who have gone this route and achieved results. They have told me, as Maria indicated, you do have to work the limbs to increase movement.


Please keep us updated on the injections and how they are working. This is a step forward for you in recovery.

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