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How We Can Be Traced In History and Who We Are



I thought this might be of interest to me since my mother was born in 1898 and her grand father was a slave. I will try at some point to do a trace of my past family beginnings just as this has been done on Michelle Obama. Quite interesting to me in historical terms.


Many people have little or no idea of their family history! Click below to read:



This story was top news on CNN and the local stations too! It goes to show us people here in America came from all parts of the world and having sex in those days was a way of life. My mom was married at 15, had 18 kids and I'm the last one born when she was 43. I know very little about her or my fathers family tree. I had two kids and neither of them know nothing of my father since he died when I was 14.


My daughter's only son married a lady from Japan, their kids will know nothing of his mother's dad, me! Life goes on and the tree keeps growing. My son is married to a lady from Russia he met while stationed in Germany years ago. Again his kids won't know about their dads family. His mom died in 1998 and her mom and dad passed shortly after her and I got married in 1960. My daughter was born in Munich Germany in 1964 while my son was born at Fort Hood, Texas in 1966.


I understand Michelle did not know her family tree either, unlike her husband who knew his parents and his grandmother got to vote for him before she passed away.


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Fred, family history and how our family members came to be in certain places at certain times is certainly an interesting study. It is one thing to read Charles Smith 1901 - 1978 and a whole lot different to find something about the life he lived in between those dates.


A decade or so ago I started looking up my ancestors, now I have a few cousins, 3rd, 4th, 5th and one woman who I chat to a lot with whom our only ancestor in common was born in 1520!


We come from a whole lot of people, of many races and ethic origins, very few of us from "good stock" most of us from the peasant classes, salt of the earth people without whom countries like America and Australia would never have become what they are today. Hope your journey on the good ship "Geneology" is a happy one.



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