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The Stranger In Your Body (Part 2)





On July 30th, 2009 a stranger took over the body of Billy-Joe, it started a new saga in a life that has already fought through a lot of adversity. Billy-Joe has a new wife, son and some animals. We were offered a home back in Billy-Joe


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I'm glad you are blogging, it's good for the soul. You are going to recover and be glad about it cause you got this stroke stranger all figured out.

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Your blog really moved me. You have summarized so much of what goes on with a stroke survivor, caregiver, and etc. Thank you for sharing.


Please do keep on blogging.

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I love blogging, since the stroke it takes longer for me to process. I am glad to know I can write what we survivors feel, thanks to my wife I get the care givers prospective. Thank you for your comment it is up building.

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I'm glad I figured out the stranger within, it is still very frustrating, I write to release my frustration. Thank-you for reading my blog

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Billy Joe:


first and foremost welcome to wonderful therupetic world of blogging. you nailed the stroke survivor'emotions. I think this blog should be must read to all new & old survivors & caregivers. you write amazing.




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I totally agree Doreen, I have no time realm. My wife will get up and say to get off my laptop due to the fact that I can be on it for 12 to 14 hours. Believing in my own mind it was only a hour or so. We were always told time is our enemy, well for us it is our savior. Time gives us the chance to regain ourselves. Thank you for the comment, I love to hear from everyone and I do respond to everyone. Thank you again.

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Your strangers brain must of got in gear cause the writing in this blog is super. Most of us survivors while reading the blog were saying yep did that and so on. Oh and by the way care givers also will be saying did that. I know cause I was a survivor first and care giver second. Welcome to blog world here. Look forward to your future blogs.
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Thank you for your comments, I was a caregiver first, my partner of nearly ten years had a inter cranial bleed, she survived 3 days short of a year. Then became a survivor. Love writing, working on one now, it takes me a while to get my thoughts from my brain to my fingers. Thank you again.

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