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Here I am, waiting again. This time for the continence nurse to come. I was told she would be here at 10.30am. Waited till noon and rang her office, her secretary said she would get her to ring me back. Finally got a phone call at 2pm to say how about next week at 10.30am? I have to have a report from this woman to get Ray


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Sorry I havent been around (computer issues). I am very excited to read about Shirl, glad she will be so much closer soon. I hope you are also able to enjoy your time away! (got to go, want to post this before I lose the signal!)


Miss chatting with you!

Love you, too!!!



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Sue your nurse you had the appt. with was inconsiderate not to call you. Can't tell me she does not own a cell phone. duh! They know they have you by the balls. You and Trev don't deserve to be treated that way.

Glad you get to enjoy the little ones. I can tell by your writing they are the sunshine in your life.

Enjoy you camp.



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I hope that you enjoy your time away. I pray that you will find refreshment in a break from home. Knowing you you will find a soul that needs to hear some words of encouragment from you. Yes, we are where ever for a reason. You will be at camp for a reason. Let us know what happens.



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