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(Originally posted February 26, 2009)


Today around 1:30 I was taken by surprise when I received a call from the case worker at RHI. "No emergencies," he said, "just needed to talk to you about arrangements for J.J. to come home. I don't think we're going to be able to justify keeping him inpatient much longer." I nod, thinking he'll say J.J. will probably be in the hospital for only another week or so. "Probably late Friday evening or first thing in the morning on Saturday, he will be discharged." WHAT?!? 12 days after a stroke, he'll be coming home?!? My initial split second reaction was AWESOME! Then I started thinking about it--wait, would it be safe for J.J. to be at home? And what about getting him back and forth to therapy?


As it stands now, I'm not entirely sure what will happen. I think RHI is going to try to eke another day or two out of Anthem, but it sure won't be long before J.J.'s home. Meanwhile, I'm taking that vacation day tomorrow to work on getting things set up around here for him.


More later. Must give Leah her bath and get her to bed.


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