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Aphasiac help desk support



(Originally posted March 2, 2009)


I started running a scan on my system this morning because I'm getting more pop-ups than usual and I know from watching J.J. often enough that this is the first step he takes. Of course, he's all over this--it's finally something he can do to be helpful!--and as long as he isn't trying to explain what he's doing, he's functioning pretty well. When he tries to explain, though, well...


"The stuff you have has a's putting the thing on your computer...that's what makes it happen."


I think he's referring to cookies? Whatever. It sounds very similar to the way I would give help desk instructions.


Considering that a week ago the man couldn't repeat single syllables after me (say "puh", J.J.!) I think he's doing remarkably well.


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