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(Originally posted March 18, 2009)


J.J. has the misfortune of having a wife who absorbs everything his therapists tell her and thus he is never safe from having to do therapy exercises. Last night just before we went to bed I was quizzing him on colors. Shortly after he had correctly answered what color our sheets are (red) and what his favorite color is (blue) I asked him what color my hair is.


A little background is in order here--my natural hair color is a very dark brown. The back naturally comes in a little darker than the front. To complicate matters, I have both highlights (kind of a carmelly-colored dark blonde) and lowlights (a very deep auburn red). But overall, you still get the hair is brown. This was the answer I was seeking.


But J.J., smarty pants that he is, looked at me with a devilish glint in his eyes and said, "Which part?"


We both cracked up over that one.


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