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Ranning Cold days



These days have been hum drum. I'm just been

taking in TV shows all day. My motivation level.

has dropped of the face of the earth. Weather

has always effected my mood. Georgia already

has gone as low as 30 degrees, the highs are

60's. To cold for me to be happy. The past week

I've spent most of the day in bed. I've got to

get myself out of this hole.

I want summer back.


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rain or shine make ritual of going out for a walk. it will help you great deal to get out of your funk state.





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Well at least you will catch up on all the current events around the world watching TV. If you like baseball the second game of the world series is on now.

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Yes, get yourself going girl. Your job is to keep exercising. I push William. I told him that I was reading (as usual)...the exercise book said that you need to exercise everyday. It has to be a habit. So in the rain..I took William to the pool. I told him...we are going to get wet in the pool. So what is a little rain. He agreed. We are really going to get wet in the pool. Yes, today. we went again. A Different problem...it is cold. But, the water was so warm. I brought lots of warm clothes and he was toasty warm after a hot shower.


Get going girl. I want to hear an update.


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jeannie i hear where you are coming from. rainy days are good napping days but can increase depression and drain our motivation. plus your cold weather probably doesn't help much either. i know you will get past it and do whatever is needed. daytime tv gets boring real soon. although a warm bed and a good book can lure me to take a lazy day everytime, LOL a good nap then i'm up to do my shower and chores for the day, then i'm moving again. of coarse my furry brood is always in bed with me, not wanting to get up either. LOL

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