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Answer to prayer



(Originally posted March 26, 2009)


Around 11:00 this morning, J.J. called me at work. This is unusual these days, which is ironic since pre-stroke I used to complain to my coworkers about how often J.J. called (never to talk for long, but he called at least two or three times a day. I used to call him Incessant Calling Boy). Anyway, his lead in--"All of a sudden, I can read". I'm waiting until we get the kids to bed to test him out on this, but he says his reading is a lot more effortless today. Not totally back where it was, but much better. He's spent all afternoon reading, and he's exhausted. But happy.


Just this morning I was reading in a book that it often takes six weeks or so for the swelling that accompanies left MCA strokes to go down. It's amazing to me that at five weeks and four days, J.J. would have this sudden improvement. It's like having a timer on an oven or something! Who'd have thought J.J. was typical?


Oh, and in addition, he walked six miles and did 45 minutes of aerobics. He's wanting to lose another 60 lbs. before he goes back to work. Hey, who am I to tell him he can't? After all, he's lost almost 90 lbs. already!


I'll update much more on this tomorrow, but for tonight, I'm going to enjoy hearing a bedtime story!


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