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Waste of time



(Originally posted April 20, 2009)


So, the Voc. Rehab appointment this morning? They herded us into a room with 13 of our closest friends, read a handout to us word for word, then sent us back to the front desk where they handed us paperwork with individual assessment appointments already pre-set. The appointment was at 9:00, they didn't bring us back until 9:20, and I got back in my car at 9:38. And the office staff? Let's just say that Dr. Acula's customer service skills were top-notch in comparison. I've seen starving, rabid wolverine-pit bull mixes who were warmer and more nurturing. The caseworker appointment had better be a much different experience, that's all I have to say. And I now have an all-new appreciation for the ordeal many of the clients I work with everyday have faced as they try to navigate "the system".


In other news, over the last two days J.J. has assembled a whole room full of furniture for Eli (Eli is receiving new bedroom furniture, bedding, curtains, etc. for his birthday, which is Saturday. That's not all he's getting, but it's a large part) following some poorly written directions and confusing illustrations. But he's managed to bolt piece E into slot G using screw K or whatever, and it all looks pretty good. Obviously reading comprehension is improving here!


J.J.'s been a little down over the last few days, particularly because he really wants to return to work. However, anytime he has complex social interaction that requires him to speak a lot or has to do a lot of in-depth reading (like the furniture assembly instructions), it wipes him out. And when he gets tired, he has a lot more trouble communicating. So he had a meltdown last night about how he's going to manage to go back full time. My points were that 1) this is why he's still off work; 2) he's just barely two months out and has come a long way very quickly, so he can't judge where he'll be next week or next month or whenever his doctor clears him to go back based on where he is today; 3) he may need to ease back into work by doing part days or three days a week or something temporarily; and 4) with all the obstacles he's overcome, this shall pass as well. He's not really listening to me, but I tried.


I know this wasn't an in-depth update, but I'm still wiped from the cold (and the fact that we are swimming in new clients at work to the point that I am never, ever, ever caught up, even though I'm putting in a whole lot of hours) and I need to go to bed. I'll try to get more up tomorrow.


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