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Return of Dr. Acula



(Originally posted July 15, 2009)


Dr. Acula is finally back from his disability leave (apparently, he hurt his leg badly in an accident. Don't know any more about it than that), so J.J. finally got his three month checkup today. Yes, I know it will have been five months since the stroke in a few hours. But oh well.


Since I'm still trying desperately to get everything in my life caught up from being on vacation, here's the short version, most important points first:


1. J.J. is recovering much better than anyone could have dared hope. He is already estimated to have 90% of his language ability back. And considering he was entirely nonverbal there for a while, this is awesome news.

2. His language will continue to improve and should actually see the greatest period of refinement within the next three months. His physical recovery is probably about complete; since the only physical impact J.J. has left is an intermittent numbness along the sides of the fingers on his right hand, this is not a gigantic concern for us.

3. J.J. will, barring any further issues, be released to go back to work on August 24. He still has to receive clearance from the cardiologist, but the neurologist was the biggest obstacle.

4. J.J. has lost another 22 lbs. this month, bringing his grand total weight loss to eleventy billion pounds or so.

5. Dr. Acula still wants to see J.J. lose another 75 lbs.

6. At the rate J.J.'s going, this should be accomplished around next Tuesday afternoon.

7. I'm just a smidge bitter :)

8. Dr. Acula was scarily pleasant.


Oh yeah, everything else is going well here. I'll update more very soon (hopefully!)


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