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Countdown's on!



(Originally posted August 20, 2009)


J.J.'s been busy the last few days bustling about trying to get ready to go back to work. Yesterday, for instance, he spent almost three hours talking to his voc. rehab. counselor at Easter Seals Crossroads, visited our family doctor and had some various bloodwork done. Our doctor still hasn't signed off on J.J.'s return to work (she wanted to get the results of the bloodwork first) but all indications are that when she receives the results tomorrow morning, J.J. will receive the official blessing to go to the office on Monday morning.


J.J. seems to think that after having been off work for six months and having part of his brain die, he'll be able to just jump back into the normal 40 hour work week immediately. I'm a little skeptical, but hey, maybe he'll be okay. We'll just take it moment by moment, I guess.


I'm so incredibly nervous about J.J. going back to work. J.J. is very smart. This has always been a big part of his identity, and he's still just as intelligent as he's ever been. He sometimes has trouble finding words, and I'm afraid that people will treat him like he is slow or won't want to deal with him in the workplace because of this. I guess it's the same sort of panic I'd feel if I were sending my child into a situation where I thought they might be bullied.


I'll update when we have the official all clear for Monday!


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