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Loving Each Day







A very effective means to focus the mind and open to your loving is chanting. Since the beginning of time, religious and spiritual groups have made a practice of intoning sacred words, sounds, prayers, and songs. Chanting builds up a powerful field of spiritual energy that can change your consciousness. The key is your intention -- bringing an attitude of reverence and love to whatever you are chanting.


Mantras are specific sounds or syllables that invoke a spiritual essence. It is said that as you chant, you bring that essence, or vibration, into your own being. I recommend the HU chant. HU (pronounced like the man's name, HUGH) is a name of God found in Pali and Sanskrit, ancient sacred languages of southern Asia.


Chanting HU silently or aloud, alone or in a group, helps create attunement and bring you into spiritual alignment.


- John-Roger with Paul Kaye

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